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From now on, Happy Bridge Kindergarten of Shanghai is beginning to accept admissions for children 2-6 years old.
Hope everyone registration!
Please contact:

Tel:(86) 021-6223-8870
Mobile: 138-1610-9469 / 133-3187-9212 Vivian



September was a busy month for children of Rabbit class. We started our classes with reviewing phonics, numbers and basic math concepts. It’s really amazing to see progress of each child! In art classes we worked on drawing and also had a lot of fun making fabulous sea treasures boxes out of egg cartons.




We had a great time learning in September.  We have a new schedule, which offers more lessons for all of the children. It focuses on Phonics, English vocabulary, Chinese and Japanese.  It also includes a singing class, dance class, lego class, math class and an art activity. We have started adding many more songs into every lesson.  All the children like to sing together.  This month, we have been learning about the letter S, A and T.  We are happy to see the children growing and learning together.




September where to begin? Well at the beginning a lot of students moved on to new schools, which made room for new faces in the Swan Class. I was sad and excited. The new students played and got along with the remaining students. The transition was pleasant. In class we got to learn from Leapfrog Letter Factory beginning our phonics journey, we watched it a few times as we were learning about how to act during class time with happy manners. We got our new classroom books in and we already got through with Sammy Snake. (Yay) During story time and quiet times we managed to watch a movie called Bug’s Life, learning about ants birds and bad grasshoppers. I am proud that my students we able to sit quietly as we listen and watch, as it was in English and new to my young learners ears. As for songs and singing, we seem to like to sing in class, our favourites would be Finger Family, Where Is Thumb kin, One Little Finger, and Row Row Row Your Boat. Looking forward to October to bring more learning fun and activities. 



September was a month of big changes. Our students did a great job adapting to the new schedule, with new and exciting subjects such as science, dance, and soccer class. First week was all about reviewing, catching up, and making new friends. Starting from second week we introduced books, team games requiring working as a group, as well as new indoor and outdoor activities. Majority of students feel comfortable reading and writing their names, counting, and writing numbers. We made also significant progress with simple additions and started subtractions. Last day of September we had a bit of fun participating in Sports Day and competing against each other! 



This month we learned about the might Dinosaurs. We made dinosaur bone fossils , designed our own dinosaurs and went on a dinosaur excavation trip. We also collected frozen dinosaur eggs and washed them out with water to free the baby dinosaurs inside. September was also a month of adjusting as we officially started classes and spent the whole month reviewing previous concepts.


We have been really busy this month. The children are improving as always. They are learn so much and they are really have fun doing it. This month we are working on Phonics, reading, double digit addition, pattern, paper origami, kung fu, drama and cooking. We also started learning about the jungle. Wow! We are really doing it.



This month the weather has been nice. We’ve been taking advantage of it and enjoying the outside time. Part of that is for playing, but the students have been assisting with the care and watering of the plants. The students have also been learning about how to work with the books and related lessons.  They enjoy the crafts tied to the lessons as well.

Goat Class

September has been an interesting month for the kids in Goat Class! September marks our first month as K1 and I am really impressed with the progress the kids have made this month and they have adjusted to K1 very well. The kids have been really enjoying our numerous art projects and dancing in their new dance class!



Kangaroo Class

September has been a month of great progress for Kangaroo class! As our first month as a ‘middle’ class we’ve been doing lots of work with letters and numbers, and of course playing lots of games for extra practice speaking English! We’ve also been having lots of fun with all our other activities- learning some dances in Chinese, our regular Kung Fu lessons, music with teacher Michael, and teacher Randy has also been helping the children learn some basic football skills. Now we can look forward to Autumn and some cooler weather

Tiger Class

Tiger class has had a stellar start to the year!  To kick the semester off we’ve started our new phonics courses, dance classes, music classes and lots of other fun activities.  The kids are really settling in and improving every day!  We look forward to a big month in October with lots of Fall focused lessons and more in depth phonics/reading.  See you soon!



September saw a new change to the class schedule. It includes a new  phonics class , and more practice with English subjects. We’ve been practicing more with letters and words. We are having lots of fun in class learning. This month we started on letter “s”, “a”, and “t” to start to make words. We are all looking ahead to the coming months yip hee!


This month the kids been done really well in adapting to the new schedule and class times. We have started writing simple letters and trying to identify those letters in words. The kids have been doing simple math’s using their fingers and we have had lots of fun during art classes with painting and making collages. The Dolphin class also has really enjoyed lots of dance and soccer classes throughout the month.


This is a very exciting month for the Cat Class. This month, we are learning about different animals and parts of the body. We have made amazing art work of cats and lions and we even know how to make the sound of each animal. If you hear a big loud roar, you will know it is our class! That is not all... with all the fun sing alongs we have been learning so far, we know where our head is to our toes. We have our rountine before each lesson to do a sing along as our warm up so we can be pumped and ready to learn English. Over the course of this year we will be building up our English vocabulary through fun games, art work and other activities. Our supportive Cat Class team will be with your child every step of the way to make sure they get the best English learning possible.


I ‘m from Manchester England, the greatest city in the world. I may be new to Happy Bridge Kindergarten, but I’ve been a teacher for 14 years. I have taught in the England and China. I will be teaching the Zebra class. In my free time I walk my two dogs, Pon Pon and Bo Bo, read , cycle and write computer software.


For many members of the bee family, September was they first month ever in school and it was full of milestones. We learnt how to line up and count all the way up to 10. We now not only are able to say the numbers in sequence but can also identify each number when shown to us. We can also sing and dance to our current favourite song which is "my little finger" and identify our different body parts. It's safe to say that we've had an interesting month filled with a lot of firsts but through it all we have managed to have the best fun!


In our small German class we had a lot of fun in the past month. We sung, danced, played and studied colors and numbers, the alphabet and new words. We learned how to play instruments and crafted little ladybugs, trees and much more.


September in Horse Class was lots of fun! We have continued learning the alphabet and have played lots of games with letters. We are also learning lots and lots about animals, colours and numbers and using these in class more and more! We have welcomed new students this month, and everyone is really happy in class and enjoying their time in kindergarten! Enjoy the National Holiday and we'll see everyone in October! 



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